12 Animals That Walk On Two Legs (Explained With Pictures + Facts)

Humans are curious creatures. They explore the deep sea and vast space, but still, their curiosity is not going to end. It is getting bigger and bigger. Everyone is most curious now and wants to know their queries and answers. We are animals and nature lovers, so; we always have new queries on these topics. What is the animals that walk on two legs is also one query among them.

A prominent number of animals walk on two legs. These animals include ostriches, penguins, emus, chimpanzees, gorillas, and kangaroos. Some animals have four legs but walk with two. We will also look at those animals with 2 legs but cannot walk. 

Don’t panic; we will cover our main topic in detail. Extra knowledge will be given in short pickup lines.

So, don’t waste your time, and come on.

Animals That Walk On Two Legs

1. Flamingos


This Unique creature is mostly found in Africa, Asia, America, and Europe. Flamingos are birds with long legs, mostly living on the banks of saltwater resources.

Flamingos walk on two legs but are mostly found in a still position on one leg. Rather, they also can fly.

This is another question why do flamingos stand on one leg? It is considered that they do that due to save their energy. Further, they also may do it to grab their hunt. Due to movement, their hunt may be afraid and go away. So, they stand in the water with the help of one leg.

Another scientific reason is that the PH of salt water is high, which can make severe side effects on the animal’s body. So, these birds may stay with one leg in water to minimize possible loss.

Fun Fact:

Their name, flamingo, is due to their feathers, which look like fire with bright pink feathers.

2. Emus


Emus are the birds from ratites. Ratites are a group of flightless birds that have no keel on their breastbone.

Emus live in just Australia and are not found anywhere except in captivity. These unique animals are the second largest bird.

They possess very strong legs, which are far empowered to break down a metal fence. These tall and strong legs also help them to run fast. Normally, their jump remains around 3 feet, but it might be more than 9 feet during running.

Further, their legs also work as a deadly weapons for them. Just one kick of these solid legs can make a prominent wound to the enemy.

Fun fact:

Emus is the only bird that contains calf muscles in its body.

3. Ostriches


As mentioned above, emus are the second largest bird in the world, but ostriches are the first. They are also flightless birds. Due to this reason, they also depend on walking.

There are two most common species of ostriches live. One is the normal ostrich, and the second is the Somali ostrich.

Their legs are also powerful, which enables them to run at a high speed of 70 kilometers per hour.

Their long neck also helps them a lot in their survival. With its help, they can see their predators from far away.

Fun Fact:

The egg laid by the ostrich is the biggest egg of any bird. Its weight can be over three and a half pounds (1600 grams).

4. Kangaroos


Listing kangaroos as animals that walk on two legs might shock you. They are not bipedal animals and have four legs (quadrupedal animals).

Kangaroos do not usually walk. They are famous due to their unique way of locomotion (hopping). They move from one place to another with the help of their two legs. That’s why we are considering them on our list.

They primarily live in Australia. These creatures can hop at 30 miles per hour. With strong and athletic legs, they can jump 6 feet high. It also can cover a distance of 25 feet in just one jump.

Fun Fact:

Kangaroos use their tail as their 5th leg.

5. Gorillas


Gorillas are massive creatures that are usually residential of forests of Africa. When it comes to walking, gorillas are animals with four legs.

They usually walk with the help of their four legs, but in some periods, they also can walk on two legs. For example, when they pick up food or have cubs in their forelimbs, they walk with the help of their hindlimbs.

Further, while examing their environment, they also walk on forelimbs. During defensive moods, they also stand on hindlimbs, making them big in size and allowing them to attack with the help of forelimbs.

Fun Fact:

The DNA of gorillas and humans are 98% similar.

6. Bears


Bears are also quadrupedal animals. Like gorillas, they also walk with the help of four legs, but in some situations, they also walk on two legs. During finding food or observing their environment, they walk on their hindlimbs.

They are shy and peaceful creatures. Due to these reasons, people who saw them thinking them as cute animals. At first, look, it may be right, but they are also very aggressive when it comes to their territory or when they feel unsafe.

As humans, we must stay away from them because we do not have enough tolerance to tolerate the bear attack.

Fun Fact: 

The smelling sense of bears is highly developed; they can smell food from miles away.

7. Gibbons


Like apes, this creature is agile and fairly active. Mostly they move from one place to another through climbing, but they also can move with the help of two legs. Rather than walking on the ground, they also can walk on the trees.

These creatures are found in the forests of Asia. While climbing, their speed may go upto 50 kilometers per hour.

They lift their arms while walking on trees. They do that to maintain their body’s balance.

Fun Fact:

Among all tree animals, gibbons are the fastest animals.

8. Wallabies


When you see Wallabies, you may get cheated. It is because you may get the illusion of a kangaroo. These creatures are very close to kangaroos and have many physical similarities.

Their way of movement is also hopping and jumping. Their hindlimbs are strong and possess tendons which makes them suitable for hopping. Compared to kangaroos, they rarely use their forelimbs for walking. They use them to attack their enemies.

Their habitats are also similar to kangaroos and can vary in size according to their different species. The tiny species of wallabies is the specie with size of a rabbit.

Fun Fact:

After giving birth to their offspring, female wallabies can become fertile on some days.

9. Chimpanzees


Chimpanzees are intelligent animals and live mostly on trees. Rather than climbing, they also used to walk on land. Mostly, they walk with all four legs, but sometimes they walk on two legs.

As intelligent creatures, they are best at problem-solving. Further, they are not creatures of any specific environment. They can adopt to many environments, such as forests, woodlands, dry savannas etc.

Fun Fact:

Chimpanzees can play with many tools, remember things fast, and communicate in various vocalizations.

10. Jerboas


Jerboa is the animal we are talking first time about it. At first look, it will look like a two-legged creature like a rat, but after a little observation, this creature is fairly similar to kangaroos, the size of a rat.

This deseart rodent also can hop to move with its hindlegs which means they are also hopping bipedal animals. They also have very tiny forelimbs, which look like undeveloped body parts. They use them sometimes while walking.

They also have a tail. Its size may go twice that of its body. They use it to maintain their body balance while hopping, like kangaroos.

Jerboas are mainly found in the deserts of Asia and northern Africa. They hop very fast, at the speed of 16 miles per hour. They hop in a zig-zag way. They also have a keen sense of hearing which provides them with knowledge about predators, which is necessary for any nocturnal animal.

Fun Fact: 

These are primarily desert creatures and can bear a temperature of 54 degree C. 

11. Penguins


Penguins are beautiful and cute creatures found on Earth. Most people love them and enjoy walking about them. These creatures have two legs with two fins.

When it comes to penguin walking, they do not walk; they waddle. Their feet remain close to the ground when walking. Due to this, they come in those animals who have two legs but can’t walk with their help.

Despite all this, they are good swimmers, which is essential because they spend their ¾ time in the water.

Fun Fact:

Penguins are very streamlined animals. Even they do not bend their knee while walking.

12. Green Basilisk Lizards

Green Basilisk Lizards

Wildlife is full of wonders, and this creature also proves it. Green basilisk lizards are native to Central America and mainly live on trees.

They normally walk on their four legs, but when running, they used to run with the help of their two hind legs.

They have a unique image to American people, and they pick a nickname for it: Jesus Christ lizard.

They do it because it can run on water. Further, it can stay in the water for nearly 30 minutes.

Fun Fact: 

Green Basilisk Lizards fall into the water when they feel danger around them on the tree.



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