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Hippos come on the list of the most dangerous and deadliest animals on land. However, many others animals species also exist that are far more dangerous than hippos for humans. This fact will shock you that mosquitoes are the most dangerous predators of humans. They kill approximately 725,000 people worldwide each year by spreading the deadliest diseases, such as Malaria and Zika. But mosquitoes are active during the summer season. 

According to Far and Wide, some other apex predators are snakes, bears, and crocodiles. But do hippos come on that list, or are hippos dangerous? Many people also have a query do hippos eat humans? Don’t hesitate, and we will discuss all these facts in this article.

Although hippos look like very peaceful animals, their babies especially have a particular type of innocence on their faces. But they are not peaceful animals, and their innocence is just a beautiful illusion. 

Are hippos dangerous?

Yes, hippos are very dangerous predators in the world. Hippos are very large animals, and their anatomy and aggression are major threats to humans and other animals. According to some resources, in Africa, hippos hunt 500 humans yearly. 

Hippos are considered the deadliest predators in the world, but if we talk about the killing stats of humans, there is no match for mosquitoes. World Health Organization (WHO) stats confirm that mosquitoes kill over 725,000 people worldwide yearly.  

Do Hippos Eat or Attack Humans?

No, hippos do not kill humans to eat their meat. Hippos normally attack humans and other animals when they feel a threat to their territory. Usually, hippos are less dangerous on land compared to water. They spend most of the daytime in the water to keep cool down their bodies. Although they do not eat humans, as we mentioned earlier, they attack and kill 500 humans in Africa yearly. 

They can be deadliest for the people who come to their territory on the boats. Hippos live around 55 to 110 yards from the rivers and patrol to keep their territory safe. 

Although, in Africa, hippos are the big predators of humans, they do not kill them as food sources. They always show aggressive behavior when they feel threatened by their territory. Hippos’ 95% diet comes from plants, which means that they also do not kill other animals for food. 

How do hippos attack humans?

Usually, the hippos attack human boats. Hippos remain down in the water, and it becomes very hard to see them from the surface. So, if a man is fishing, then he also will not be able to see the hippo. Hippos always shockingly attack the boats, and if a human goes down in the water, then there are very low chances for his survival. 

Some ways that hippos use to kill humans. Usually, they bite or crush the human. In a water attack, humans can die due to drowning. 

Why are hippos too dangerous animals?

Many facts make hippos so dangerous animals for humans and other animals. Let’s discuss these facts.

Tusks and Incisors

Hippos have very large and sharp tusks (front teeth) that can be grows over one foot long. The weight of the tusks is about 3,300 lbs. These highly dangerous teeth never stop growing, and they use them during the fight with their type males. You already saw many videos and photos where two hippos fight with each other, although they can not eat their kind. 

Hippos incisors (four front teeth in the upper and lower jaw) are also very dangerous and are blade-like-sharp. Hippo’s jaw bite power is about 1,800 psi ( 8,100 Newtons), and they can crush any animal skull in just one slam. However, saltwater crocodiles have the strongest jaw power of 3,700 pounds per square inch (16,460 newtons).

Exceptional Speed

An interesting fact you should know about them is that the hippo’s name is derived from the Greek word “hippopotamus”, meaning “River Horse.” Hippos have tiny legs, but it does not mean that they cannot run fast. Hippos are also very impressive in the running.

A hippo’s running speed is 30 kph. An average human speed is about 28 mph, meaning if a hippo is behind you, he will grab you. So, never try to go close to them because this specie is very dangerous.

Although, as we mentioned earlier, hippos like to spend the most time in the water to avoid the hotness of Africa. The speed of hippos in the water is about 5 mph (8 km/h). Believe me, hippos can’t really swim. They do not do paddling in the water. Instead, they always run along the bottom of the river. 

Hippos Size

Hippos come in the list of largest mammals in the animal kingdom. Some other big mammals of the world are elephants, whales, and rhinoceroses. The length of an average hippo is about 10.8 and 16.5 feet, and the height is about 5.2 feet. 

Although an average male hippo’s weight is about 3,500 to 9,920 pounds, and the female’s is about 3,000 pounds. 

Do Hippos Attacks Other Big Animals?

Hippos’ nature is unpredictable, and can show aggression toward any animal. Hippos attack and kill humans, and animals also come on that list. So, are hippos dangerous for wild animals? Let’s find out.

Besides humans, lions, crocodiles, and hyenas are wild animals that are hunted by hippos. Usually, if lions and hyenas see a hippo, then they change their route because they know that a full-grown giant hippo can easily crush them. 

But, some occasions occur where lions and hyenas try to find a lone hippo, but most of the time, the result is good for hippos because it easily defends themselves from them. 

Hippos’ most famous interactions are with crocodiles because they live in the same territory. However, these two species usually do not fight with each other. Still, fights between them also occur. 

If the hippos have a calf (child), then they will not endure any crocodiles in their territory. First, hippos will try to drive away the crocodile from the territory. If it does not work, then a hippo will easily crush down a crocodile. 

What Things To Do If You See A Hippo?

If you are not trying to tour Africa, then the hippos will not be a danger to you. But, if you book your ticket for the Africa tour, try to avoid visiting the places where hippo territories exist. 

If you see a hippo, and if it opens its jaw and starts yawning to see you, then consider the sign that you are in its territory. Always try not to travel their areas in the mating season because, during this time, males are very aggressive. The last and most crucial tip is never to try to go near their claves; the mother will kill you to protect the calf. 

Some Other Deadliest Animals to Humans

As you know, hippos are not the friends of humans, and their killing stats of humans prove this fact. However, hippos are not the only specie that hunts humans, many other animal species also exist that kill humans. As you know, mosquitoes are at the top of the list. Now here is the others animals list.

  • Elephants (Kill 500 Humans Each Year).
  • Saltwater crocodile (Kill 1,000 Humans Each Year).
  • Ascaris roundworms (Kill 2,500 Humans Each Year).
  • Scorpions (Kill 2,600 Humans Each Year).
  • Assassin bugs (Kill 10,000 Humans Each Year).
  • Saw-scaled viper (Kill 138,000 Humans Each Year).
  • Freshwater snails (Kill 200,000 Humans Each Year)

Some Interesting Facts About Hippos

  • Hippos are number three among the largest mammals in the world.
  • They have two species: The common hippo and the Pygmy hippo.
  • Their gestation period is about 243 days (8 months).
  • Hippos eat almost 80 pounds of grass each day.
  • They are mostly active at night. 
  • The calf weight of the hippo at birth is about 30 to 50 pounds.

Final Words

Hippos are dangerous and one of the world’s largest and most dangerous mammal species. However, their calf looks very pretty if you see them, but never go near them because their mother will be there for their protection.

Many people think that hippos are very lazy animals and do not run fast. But they are very fast and can easily capture a human on both land and water. So, do hippos eat humans? You have the answer. 


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