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Hyenas are the world’s most common large carnivores native to Africa. They also spelled “hyaena” in some countries around the world. The class of the hyenas is Mammalia. Four species of hyena live in the world which are:

  • Spotted Hyena.
  • Striped Hyena.
  • Brown Hyena.
  • Aardwolf.

The spotted hyena is the largest and most widespread worldwide. The average life span of the hyena is about 12 years. Their scientific name is Hyaenidae. Their excellent hearing ability and nighttime vision greatly help them in hunting. 

These qualities make them dangerous predators. They normally live in groups. So, are hyenas dangerous or do hyenas attack humans? Let’s find out. 

Are Hyenas Dangerous Animals? 

Yes, hyenas are very dangerous animals. They become very dangerous when they attack in groups. However, spotted hyenas are the most dangerous among all species. But, a lone hyena is cowardly and mostly does not attack its prey. These highly intelligent animals are famous for stealing food from lions. They always show aggression if they feel threatened to their children and territory. 

The spotted hyena’s bite force is about 1100 IPS and can easily crush bones. If the hyena’s group is big, they attack the big prey, including young rhinos, adult wildebeest, zebras, and Cape buffalo. Small hyena pack always tries to hunt small prey, which includes gazelles, impalas, warthogs, and waterbucks.

However, some peoples think that they steal and eat the food of other animals. This fact is also correct, and spotted hyenas are famous for eating the leftover food of other predators. But, they are very dangerous and skilled animals and also hunt the animals on their own. 

Do Hyenas Attack Humans? Let’s Discuss It.

Yes, hyenas do attack humans. Many cases of hyena attacks on humans have been reported. They attack humans when they face a food shortage. Hyenas normally attack humans in the summer because, during this time, they face food shortage problems and eat anything they find, including humans.

In groups, they are extremely dangerous, and a human cannot protect himself from them. In fact, a group of hyenas can easily drive leopards, cheetahs and lions from their prey. So, an unarmed human is easily hunted by the hyenas every time. A hyena’s easy targets are children and the elder human, but they can hunt a healthy man in packs. 

Usually, spotted hyenas and striped hyenas kill humans. On the other hand, the aardwolf and brown hyena usually do not attack humans.

Are Hyenas Eat Humans?

As you know, hyenas have the abilities and strength to kill humans, but do they eat human meat? The simple answer is yes; they eat humans, but only occasionally. As we mentioned early, they attack humans when they face food scarcity. 

However, hyenas always target children instead of adult humans, but they rarely hunt humans and eat them. If hyenas find their natural prey, then they will not attack humans. As their main diet comes from gazelles, giraffes, birds, rabbits, and other animals. So, if they find their main diet, then they will not hunt or eat humans. 

How To Defend Yourself From The Hyenas Attack?

As you know, hyenas are not friendly animals and are not welcome as friends. So, if you want to know what a hyena will do with humans, then watch the film Hayena (2011). You will find that hyenas are extremely dangerous, and if they capture you, they will start to eat you alive. 

They are extremely powerful and weigh about 40 to 55 kg, and their length is about 37-59 inches. Although, the female weight is bigger than the male. The female weight is about 44 to 65 kg. 

Not just these facts, but their jaws are also powerful and can easily crush bones.  So, if, unfortunately, you face a hyena, then just follow the given tips.

First Stay Calm

If you find yourself against the hyena, the first thing to do is stay calm and not panic. Also, do not run away because the speed of the hyena is about 64 km/h, so they will easily capture you. 

Secondly, do not show any fear toward the animal. Then, try to back away from the hyena and speak in a low voice. If this does not work and hyena attacks you, then stand straight and show yourself as big as possible. After that, move your hands, scream loudly, and try to threaten it with whatever you have, such as a stick or a rock. 

Always show aggression toward the animal, and it will think that you will attack it instead of running. 

Offer Food

A lone hyena, mostly looking for an easy meal, comes across the human areas. So, if you face a hyena, then try to throw meat toward it and away from yourself. So, if the hyena moves toward the food, then move slowly away from it.

Sometimes, there are some garbage cans and dead animals around your home, and the hyena smell and comes for it and, unfortunately, meets with you. So, in this situation, follow the instructions and try to move away from them slowly.

If all the given tips do not work, and the hyena challenge you by growing and giggling, then fight with them by using anything around you, such as rocks, cans, and plastic bags, and to make a screaming noise. 

Facts That Make Hyena Dangerous Animals

As we mentioned early, they also try to feed on other animals’ prey. But they also the excellent abilities to hunt animals. So, let’s discuss these abilities or facts that make them dangerous and powerful predators.

Bone Crushers:

Hyena’s jaws contain an extreme level of power that is enough to crush the bones. In fact, a spotted hyena bite force power is about 1,100 IPS, which is more powerful than a lion and tiger. 

Hyenas Group:

Hyenas groups are extremely big because, in a single group, there can be 100 hyenas in it. So, in groups, they become very dangerous, like a brave army. 

They are very territorial animals, so they do not think to enter their territory. However, they also don’t like it if someone enters their area. 

Adapt Killers:

Spotted hyenas hunt 95% of the food consumption. This means instead of stealing food; they like to find their prey.  Their hunting stats are also in big numbers, so they do hunting regularly. They can easily hunt big animals in the pack. 

Excellent Speed:

Hyenas are also very excellent runners. Although, each specie contain a different speed. So, let’s discover it.

  • A spotted Hyena can run at the speed of 60 kilometers per hour (37 miles per hour).
  • A brown Hyenas speed is 50  miles per hour (80.4  kilometers per hour).
  • A striped Hyena’s high running speed is 8 kilometers per hour (5 miles per hour).


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