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Tigers and lions are meat-eater animals and skillful in catching their prey. Both have significant recognization due to their bravery and tremendous appearance. They are on the list of largest predators and belong to the same family (Felidae).

These two large animals also have the same genus (Panthera), which makes them close relatives. After all, many wild experts said that they are different species. Due to these reasons, we are here to explore the answer to the question, “are lions and tigers the same specie”?

No, both tigers and lions are not the same specie. Both lions and tigers are from the same genus, “Panthera,” but their specie is different. Lion belongs to the Panthera Leo specie, while the tiger belongs to Panthera Tigris.

Moreover, their physical appearance and lifestyle are different. Lion has a mane on its neck, while the neck of the tiger has no mane. Tigers prefer to live alone, while lions are social creatures.

They rarely do intercourse and can be born their offspring (tigons and ligers). When intercourse happens between a male tiger and a female lion, their offspring are known as tigon and interbreeding between a female tiger and a male lion produces liger.

Why Are Lions And Tigers Different Species?

There are many reasons for their difference. Despite this, they are from the same family; tigers and lions are different species. Here are some reasons why they are different specie;

1.  Interbreeding

Approximately all the animals can interbreed and be born children. For born fertile offspring, only the same species of animals can interbreed. So, we can say that this is the major reason for the difference between lions and tigers.

Because when lions and tigers breed together, they produce offspring in which microscopic living things do not exist, and they cannot produce more offspring. The ligers and tigon do not have enough fertility to produce offspring when they mate.

Conversely, when a female liger or tigon mates with a male tiger or lion can produce offspring. You may be shocked, but it’s true. Read the below paragraph.

In 1971, a female tigon mated with a lion and produced offspring. It has not happened just one time; this female produces seven offspring in her lifetime. All this happened in India, at Alipore Zoo.

2.  Living Style And Habitats

Their lifestyle is different from each other. Lions are social animals, and they mostly live in groups. The male lion’s identification is that the hair on its neck exists, which makes it different from the female.

Most lions live in the forests of southern and northern South Africa. A few numbers of lions live in other places, but the majority live in Africa. While tigers live in different places from lions, they like to live in diverse habitats such as savannas, grasslands and mangrove swamps.

Due to the increasing population and their (human) activities, the historical lands of tiger’s decreasing day by day, and this is very harmful.

Tigers also do not live in groups. You can rarely see them while living in a group. They just come near to one another during mating season. An adult tiger also left his family in the early stage after getting mature.

3.  Physical Adaptations

The physical difference is also present between them. Tiger is one of the largest animals in the animal kingdom and is larger than the lion. The length of the tiger is 12.5 feet, and it weighs up to 660 pounds. While the lion’s height is 6.5 to 11 feet, and its weight is almost 420 pounds.

Are Lions and Tigers Related? How, If They Are?

They are different species but from the same family and genus. Both have no specific predators because their position on the food chain proves it.

Both animals are carnivores. They get their food from the meat animals such as horses, cows, pigs and goats.

The procedure of their hunt is the same. Firstly, they break the backbone of their prey. They use their strong jaws for this task. They eat their hunt early when they kill their prey.

All big cats don’t purr, but they roar and can make many other vocalizations. Both lions and tigers make the same voice roar. The tiger roar covers a distance of over 3km, and the lion roar covers a distance of 5 miles. They use their voice to save themselves and other big cats from the hunters. Moreover, they also clean their body with the help of their tongue, just as domestic cats do.

Same Things Lion And Tiger Consist

Although these two species belong to the same family, they also have similarities. Let’s discuss them.

1.  Strong Jaws And Pointed Teeth

Tigers and lions are the strongest animals in all big cats, and they have sharp teeth, which help them while hunting and eating their prey. Both are on the list of big hunters. Mostly they attack the spinal cord of their prey. The power of a tiger’s bite is 1050 PSI, and that of a lion’s is 650 PSI.

Their bite has enough strength to kill big animals such as giraffes, buffalos and deer because they keep strong jaws. They can break the bones into pieces of their prey while eating them with the help of strong teeth.

2.  Retractable claws

All the big cats have retractable claws, the tiger’s claw size is up to 4 inches, and the lion’s claw size is 1.5 inches. Tigers and lions use their claws to eat the meat. They also help catch the prey in their place because it gives them a great grip.

3.  Large size

Another similarity is between lions and tigers that their size is large among all the big cats. The size of the tiger is 12.5 feet, and the lions are 6.5 and 11 feet. The size of the tiger is a little more than the lion, which makes them better when both fight.

4.  Hunting Techniques

Both tigers and lions like to do hunting at night time. They have the ability they can see in the night very clearly. They take benefit from the darkness, and they attack their prey. Further, most of their prey cannot see at night, which proves them an easy hunt for them.

Sometimes, they cannot get their diet when they cannot find the hunt at night. They do attack their prey and eat them also in the daytime. Some animals can hunt the lions and tigers, such as elephants, hippos, and hyenas. Hyens might be threatening them if they attack in high numbers.

5.  Top of the food chain

Lions and tigers are the two large animals in their food chain. Therefore, they can get food without any fear. When they hunt prey that has horns, such as buffalos, Bharal and addax, they might be in danger because their prey can counterattack them.

Besides this, when they attack any man’s livestock, the men can target them for their livestock safety. Lions and tigers can injure them due to their fear of other animals avoiding attack over them.

Final Thoughts

So, both are not the same specie but also have some similarities. All we explained is to provide you the authentic and suitable knowledge. With time new experiments might be held, and discoveries may happen. Please stick with us to remain aware of wildlife.

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