Are Rhinos Dangerous? Do Rhinos Eat People?

Rhinos are massive animals with a beast look. So, it is not a shocking question if anyone asks, are rhinos dangerous? They are terrifying creatures with a horn on their head. Further, they also possess small tails and short legs with a huge cylinder-like body. The size of the rhino horn may vary between 40 to 55 inches. With all these terrifying attributes, are rhinos aggressive and can attack humans?

Primarily, rhinos are solitary animals and prefer to stay beside other creatures. Further, they are herbivores and rely on plant material to fulfil their energy requirements. They have no reason to attack other animals or humans at that point.

The second scenario is that rhinos become aggressive and can attack other animals, even humans when other creatures’ presence makes them insecure. A female rhino will never allow any animal or human to touch her calve in her presence. So, they may be so aggressive in such a scenario.

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How Dangerous Are Rhinos?

They are not predators, so they don’t try to attack other animals at first. This makes them dangerous to other creatures.

Further, a strong and massive body size, a horn on its head, speed and agility, and thick armour make a rhino dangerous. Due to these predators, adaptations can prove its attack fatal to any creature.

The eyesight of rhinos is not well; even they can not see any still thing from a distance of 30 meters. Despite this, they contain a very sharp sense of hearing and smell. So, doing a little act of nuance around them can lead to the death of any human.

They are shy and peaceful giants but never allow anyone to enter their territory. Their majesty also greatly impacts big cats such as tigers and lions. They also try to hunt a child rhino and mostly avoid attacking an adult rhino.

So, generally, rhinos are not dangerous, but if they feel any unusual activity around them, they can turn around into a huge beast. When they attack, they mostly use the front four downer teeth (incisors) and avoid using horn in battle.

Are Rhinos Aggressive?


When it comes to aggression, rhinos are considered peaceful giants, but they are also aggressive at the same time. When they feel any danger, they can turn their mood to aggressive.

Of all 5 species, Black rhinos are the most furious and aggressive specie. This is another fact that most human deaths are linked with the white rhinos, quite calm creatures.

As the rhino has weak eyesight, black rhinos also captured attacking trees and other stuff such as termite mounds. They do all that because of their aggression. They considered them as intruders and made attacks to ensure their safety.

The real truth is that for human death by rhinos, a human must get in touch with them. So, the worth of rhinos’ horns leads humans to kill them. This way, humans go near the rhinos to fulfill their unnecessary wishes.

The white rhino is reasonably less aggressive than other rhino species. So, most white rhinos hunt by humans, and during these encounters, humans also get fractures, leading them to death. That’s why most deaths are associated with white rhinos.

White rhinos prefer to run from where they feel unsafe. It is due to their calm nature, but if they get aggressive, they also might be dangerous. 

The difference between white and black rhinos is easy to tell on the base of their color. They both have grey-like color, which is light on white and thick on black rhinos. You must look at their lips to differentiate white and black rhinos on any other base rather than color.

The black rhino possesses a hook-lipped face, but the white rhino possesses a face with square lipped.

Overall, they are solitary creatures that do not like any disturbance in their around about. They mostly like to wander in the open areas, and you must avoid going near them.

Do Rhinos Attack Humans? Do Rhinos Eat Humans?

Of Course, rhinos can attack humans but do not eat humans. The black rhino is the only rhino that can get furious early and attack humans. The other four species of rhinos (White, Indian, Javan, and Sumatran) prefer to run away from the place where they feel any danger. This is also the case that makes them an easy hunt for hunters.

Secondly, rhinos do not eat humans. They are herbivores and animals and do not eat the meat of any animal in any condition. They prefer to die with carving but never prefer to eat meat.

Returning to the point, rhino attacks humans in rare conditions. You must stay away from them when they are in an open area. They also will get aggressive in a second when their offsprings are with them. They are so sensitive about their care. So, it is recommended you stay away from them.

How To Survive From A Rahino Attack?

Sometimes, rhinos get aggressive in humans’ presence and attack them. For example, many events occur during safaris when rhino attacks their vehicles. Such many cases also occur in the zoos of Asia. So, if you can encounter them, you can follow these steps ensuring your survival in front of this deadly creature.

1.  Don’t Make Movements:

You must stay still. Their eyesight is weak, and they can ignore you, considering a tree or any non-living thing.

2. Check The Wind Side:

It is another trick to check whether the rhino knows about your presence. After their seeing ability, they use their smelling and hearing senses to know about their surroundings. So, check and make sure that you are on the downwind side. This way, the rhino will not smell you and will ignore you.

I am not on the downwind side. What do I have to do now?

3.  Find Restrictions:

Find the things such as a tree trunk, vehicle, or rock. These things will work as a barrier between you and the rhino. After attacking these things, the rhino can finish its intention to make an attack again.

Did not find anything like that. What to do now?

4.  Find Bushs:

Oh, that may be so dangerous if you get in such a condition. Now, time to find bushes near you. In the habitats of rhinos, such things might be available easily, and further, the thing is that rhinos never prefer to attack in bushes. Having fewer injuries than facing a deadly beast with a horn is not a bad idea.

Still, find nothing. Don’t panic.

5.  Run And Shout:

If you are still facing issues after all these, and the rhino is ready to attack you. Just run at that side where any possible help you may get. Run in a zig-zag pattern and deceive the rhino if you do not find any help.

If you deceive him, turn around, and keep running, there is a big chance that they will not try to make an attack again. Shouting is also essential because it can make the rhinos insecure, and it may abort to attack.

Final Tips:

After these steps, keep these tips in mind.

If you want to go near a rhino, do not go in front of it suddenly.

Don’t make them feel insecure are unsafe.

Maintain a distance of more than 30 meters because, after this range, the rhino can’t see.


Are rhinos friendly to humans?

Like many other animals, rhinos may also be infectious to humans, but they may also be dangerous if they feel any insecurity due to our presence.

Are hippos dangerous to humans?

Hippos are huge, deadly animals with a beast look. They also possess deadly teeth. So, when it comes to attacks on humans, just like rhinos, they also attack humans for their survival.

Are rhinos intelligent?

Yes, rhinos are intelligent and social animals. They can solve problems, but they do not have the intelligence level of dolphins. They also can remember the places of food and water. Rahinos also can adapt to new situations without any hesitation. So, we can say they are reasonable, intelligent animals.

Are rhinos endangered or extinct?

Some rhinos, such as the Javan, western black, and northern white rhinos, are declared extinct. Other species of rhinos are also severely endangered.

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