Are Tigers Friendly To Humans? Do I Keep A Tiger As Pet?

Tigers are fascinating creatures having black strips on their reddish-orange and white-coloured body. Their massive size, pointed teeth, and strong claws make them successful predators. Despite this, they are apex predators in the food chain; they have fluffy body and cute look. Due to this, people think of making tiger as their pets. Here, a question comes to mind, are tigers friendly?

As a wildlife lover, I strongly claim that they are not friendly to humans. Mother Nature makes them wild creatures and also awards adaptations that make them more deadly. Instead, some owners own tigers and raise them from their childhood. They also claimed they are very friendly to them, but the reality might differ. They also may feel a sense of insecurity when tigers come near them.

Are Tigers Friendly? Tiger’s Behaviour Explained

Tigers are carnivores which means they completely rely on meat. They are top predators and can defeat lions (jungle kings). So, their aggression must be of high voltage.

Usually, they look like normal cats while lying on the floor. They take a nap to recharge themselves before going to hunt. Hopping behaviour like the domestic cat from these big cats (tigers) is just a foolish thought.

In the wild, tigers will never behave friendly to you. They are carnivores and solitary animals. Every male tiger marks its territory and never allows any other animal to enter it. So, think a tiger never behaves friendly to a tiger; how can they be friendly to us?

Further, if you face a child tiger, maintain a reasonable distance. It is because the mother of these offspring might be here. It will never allow you to go near their cubs.

Some times, tigers prove themselves loyal to their owners. They are living creatures and can feel emotions like us, but what if they consider you a danger? Tiger’s one attack can lead you to death, it does not matter it happened accidently or counciosly. Their presence always makes your environment risky.

Are Baby Tigers Friendly?

Baby tigers are just small cats with the behaviour of domestic cats and adaptations like a tiger. They spend their time playing, wandering here and there to satisfy their curiosity and making cute movements.

Further, at this age, their paws and teeth are not fairly developed to cause some serious injury to humans. So, baby tigers are friendly but do not forget that their behaviour also changes with age. A grown tiger is always a danger to humans.

How Do Tigers Show Affection?

Tigers are not social creatures, but they also show affection to one another in some scenarios. In the early stage of a tiger’s life, the mother and offspring spend a lot of time with each other. So, they love each other and show affection to one another.

At this age, cubs also spend time with their siblings. They play, wander and make fake fights. Tigers also show appreciation by sleeping on one another.

In mating season, a tiger and a tigress also show affection to one another. They make sounds that please one another even during sex; tigers make sounds that please a tigress, just as lions do.

Chuffing is the most common vocalization that tigers make to show their love.

These are how tigers show affection to one another but what about humans? How do tigers show affection to humans?

As they are wild but in captivity, a tiger may become familiar to its owner. It may show affection to him by licking or rubbing her body to him. It might behave like a usual cat, but the risk is still on you.

Are Tigers Loyal?

Tigers are not loyal. They are solitary animals and live in a “do not disturb me” mood. During mating season, you may see tiger loyalty for their tigers and their cubs. Once the cub is raised and becomes ready to face the wild drama, they will leave them.

With humans, tigers see loyal in many situations. Such as, in this age of cameras, we see a lot of videos where tigers show their affection to their caretakers.

Humans make decisions on the base of emotions. Give yourself logic and think they are not loyal to their childrens. So, how they can be faithful to you?

You see the tiger’s friendly behaviour, which can change unpredictably. These things enable me to have a doubt always on tiger’s loyality to humans.

If I Raise A Tiger From Birth, Will It Attack Me?

Raising a tiger does not mean that it will not attack you. If you raised a tiger from its birth, it might build a bond between you and the tiger. Due to this bond, its aggression may come down against you, but it is still a wild animal.

By raising in captivity, its power may not go down. It remains a beast with pointed teeth and strong jaws. The issue is that whenever in your life, it does any unpredictable movement, which can cause fatal injuries or death. Even a slight aggression from it can lead you to mouth or death.

Can Tigers Be Pets?

Basically, no. Tigers are independent creatures, and Mother Nature makes them independent. They can’t be pets.

According to many stories, many tigers have a successful life with their owners, but some incidents prove they are not to be pets. In those incidents, tigers make attacks against their caretakers or owners.

They built to mark territory and never to rely on any other. You might see the tigers only become social when they want to fight against their powerful enemy. They never share their meal.

Their behaviours, nature, and adaptations show that they are not built to be a pet.

Having a tiger pet is also dangerous for humans because any accidental scenario will fetch the life of their owners.

So, it is better not to make fluctuations in the art of nature. We must avoid them and allow them to live according to nature. This is beneficial for both the tiger and us.



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