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Peacocks come in the list of the most beautiful birds in the world. If we see them, they always please our hearts with their beauty. Especially these birds are the favorites of children. However, they are well-known for their beautiful vibrant feathers.

According to some myths, keeping their feather brings good luck and great wealth. However, if we talk about their meat consumption ratio, their meat is not widely eaten compared to other birds. Because most of us don’t know if peacock meat is edible and how does their meat taste?

Although the male is also called “peacock,” the female is called “peahen.” Now come to our main topic, can you eat peacocks? Let’s discover this mysterious question.

The answer is delicious as peacock meat. Yes, we can eat peacock meat; its taste resembles a turkey. In fact, we can also eat their eggs. However, we cannot eat all species of peacocks. Blue peacocks meat consumption is allowed to eat. They are also known as Indian peacocks. But, in India, it is illegal to eat them, and it is a national bird there. However, eating blue peacocks is legal in some countries, such as China, England, and Australia. Green peacocks are protected birds, and hunting or eating their meat is illegal. 

In this article, we will deeply discuss the taste of peacocks and some laws on their meat consumption. We will also discuss whether their eggs contain nutrients and how to prepare a peacock meat dish.

Can you eat peacocks? A bit deeply discuss.

In medieval times, the consumption of peacock meat was common for elite-class people. But, the poor ones could eat only chicken meat.

Now, in the world, eating the meat of peacocks is normal. But different countries have different laws on eating peacock meat. As mentioned earlier, countries like India banned hunting or eating peacock meat; however, some countries do not implement this law. 

In the U.S., people do not eat peacock meat regularly. But, in Asia, people like to eat their meat.

Peacock meat taste

Making a peacock meat dish is challenging because its feathers are very thick or dense. It is a large bird, and its exterior body is very hard, so cooking a peacock can take some time.

The peacock meat taste is quite more flavourful than the chicken meat. But the meat taste is quite similar to turkey, but to change the taste, you can add some condiments; however, if a professional cook makes it, then it will not disappoint you. 

The peacock’s meat should be made by a professional cook who has great experience in making large bird’s meat.

Usually, the blue peacock species live their lives as livestock, and the meat of this specie is popular worldwide. However, there are two main species of the peacock:

1. The Blue Peacocks.

2. The Green Peacocks.

These two species live worldwide, but blue peacock meat is allowed in some countries. Because the green peacock specie is a protected bird, hunting or eating them is illegal. 

People cooked peacock meat in various ways and used it in stews, broths, fillets, and more.

Can you eat a peacock egg?

Yes, peacock eggs are edible, and you can eat them. You can prepare these eggs like chicken eggs, but their look is not like chicken eggs. 

Generally, the size of a peacock egg is bigger than a chicken egg. However, we can cook peacock eggs like chicken eggs. The peacock egg can be used in many recipes.

The taste of an egg is quite similar to chicken eggs, but when you eat it a few times, then you will discover the difference. The yolk of the peacock eggs is sweeter than a chicken egg. However, there is no difference in the whitish area. These eggs contain verbs, fat, and protein. 

These eggs are very expensive and are not available commercially. The average price of an egg can be 25$, but some eggs’ prices can be 100$. A peacock lays 20 eggs yearly, so you cannot eat them regularly in your breakfast.

What is the shape of peacock eggs?

The peacock eggshells are quite thicker than the chicken eggs, and the color of the eggs is usually light brown. The size is quite larger than the chicken eggs. 

In the breeding season, the male always displays their unique feather dance to impress the females. The peahen normally lays 4 to 7 eggs at once time.

Let’s discuss the size of a peacock egg.

As we said early, the eggs are bigger than the chicken eggs. The average size of an egg can be about 4.4 inches, and the weight can be 85 to 120 grams. 

In simple words, a peacock egg’s size is equal to that of three chicken eggs. So, a peacock egg will be a good breakfast for a healthy man.

Is It legal to eat peacock meat?

Some countries ban the hunting of peacocks, while some do not. However, wildlife also makes laws to protect the species from extinction. However, we should defend these species whose population is small.

Now, let’s discuss the countries that allow peacock meat and that does not allow it.

Can you eat peacock meat in the U.S.?

Yes, eating peacock meat is totally legal in the U.S. But species like owls and flamingos are protected species in the U.S.; eating them is illegal.

Most species of peacocks are not marked as protected birds, so the peacock meat trade is also running around the world.

Many companies worldwide sell peacock meat. Exotic meet market is a popular company that sells all types of animal meat, including peacocks. You can buy it from this company if you want to try it.

Can you eat peacock meat in the U.K. and China?

Yes, eating peacock meat is legal in the U.K. In the U.K., many different animals are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. But don’t worry; the people of the United Kingdom can legally eat them. 

So you can legally eat their meat. Like the U.K., some species are also protected in China. But peacocks are not.

Can you eat peacock meat in India?

In most countries of Asia, peacock meat is available to eat legally. But, as we said earlier, peacocks are protected animals in India. So, you cannot eat them in India. 

As we mentioned earlier, there is only one specie of peacock: green peacocks are protected birds worldwide. So, eating them or buying their meat is totally illegal. 

How to cook a peacock? Some recipes

Some people want to try to cook a peacock in their homes and try to taste their meat. So, let’s talk about that how you can cook a peacock.

Wings and Neck recipe

The peacock neck is unique and different from other birds because of its length. The neck has a hard exterior, so that cooking will take time. Always try to cook it in the pressure cooker. 

You can make a soup of peacock neck or can do a BBQ. If you want soup, then just put the neck and wings in a pot. After that, put some carrots, onions, herbs, celery, ginger, and garlic. The delicious soup will be ready after some time. 

Breast recipe

The breast meat is the lean part of the peacock’s body. The taste is similar to chicken meat. You can cook the breast in two ways, the first is just to bake it in an oven, and the second is to cook it over a grill. 

In our opinion, it will be tasteful if you eat the breast with rice or with vegetables. Although, you can cook the breast pieces in the oven and then eat them using them in sandwiches. Instead of these, you can also make a dish of legs. Peacock legs are also very tasty.

Final words

Peacocks are truly very beautiful birds. When they open the feathers, then their look is just like a natural beauty. But many people around the world hunt and eat them.

So, if you live in countries where these birds are not protected, you can eat them. You can also eat their eggs. Although, this specie population is stable. So, can you eat peacocks? The decision is yours whether you want to see their beauty or want to eat them. 


Is peacock meat tasty?

The peacock meat taste is quite similar to turkey, but adding some condiments will make it tastier.

In which countries is peacock meat banned?

Blue peacock meats are legal in some big countries such as China, Uk, and Us. But, in India, all species of peacocks are protected, so you cannot eat them in India. 

Which specie of peacocks is protected?

The green peacock is the only specie that is protected all around the world. So, harming them is illegal.


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