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Robins is one of the most beautiful birds in the world. Two species of robins live in the world, which are the American robins and European robins. You can recognize the robins by their orange and dull reddish breast. Their colored body makes them very beautiful birds in the world. 

But many people also have questions about them. Are robbins edible? Or Can You Eat Robins? We have researched robins from many references and found a very interesting answer for you. So, let’s find out. 

Yes, robins are edible, and you can eat them. In fact, almost every species of bird are edible. However, countries put a ban on hunting and eating robins because they come in a list of protected species. So, if you eat a robin, then you break the law. According to the researchers, in the 19th century, robin was eaten regularly in the United States, and their meats consider delicious. 

Robins is also famous as a widespread songbird; most live across North America. Many peoples are also a fan of their whistle-melodic songs. Interestingly, they are also an official bird of 3 states: Connecticut, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

In this blog, we will discuss other important things as what law protects them and why you shouldn’t eat robins. 

Is robin’s meat tasty to eat?

In the past, robin meat was considered the most delicious meat among birds. In the 19th century, people ate the meat of robin as their favorite dish. Many people also introduced this special dish on their dining tables. 

According to some resources, the robin pie dish was the most popular, tasty, and good to eat. In 1890, the recipe was published in Wehman’s Cook Book. Here it is:

“Cover the bottom of a pie-dish with thin slices of beef and fat bacon, over which lay ten or twelve robins, previously rolled in flour, stuffed as above, season with a teaspoonful of salt, a quarter ditto of pepper, one of chopped parsley, and one of the chopped eschalots, lay a bay-leaf over, add a gill of broth, and cover with three-quarters of a pound of half puff taste, bake one hour in a moderate oven, shake well to make the gravy in the pie form a kind of sauce, and serve quite hot.”

Is robins species protected?

Peoples believe that robins have a high population, so they are not a protected species. But this is only a bad rumor. In fact, robins are on the list of protected bird species, and hunting them is totally against the law. So, instead of harming them, we should protect them.

Besides robins, more than 1,000 species of birds live in North America, all of which come under MBTA law. So, if you hunt or eat them, you break the law. 

Why are robins protected worldwide?

In the past, the MBTA passed a law to protect the bird species that are on the edge of disappearing. Now, if you kill the birds as a sport or do it for other reasons, no matter how common the species of bird you killed, the law will act on you. If you violate the law, you might have to pay huge fines and go to prison. 

As humanity, protecting birds and other wild animals is our morality. More than 9 billion animal species live worldwide, many of which are on the edge of extinction, and the numbers are increasing daily. 

According to research, 30 to 50% of animal species will vanish by 2050. In the end, as a most powerful civilization, we should raise awareness of animal protection among us on a high level to protect them. Life of humans without animals will not be easy. 

Are robins eggs edible – can you eat robins eggs?

Yes, robin’s eggs are edible, and you can eat them. Eating robin’s eggs will not do any medical harm. In fact, nearly all bird eggs are eligible to eat, and robin eggs also come in it. 

But, MBTA law is protected the robin’s eggs and other migrated birds’ eggs and nests. So, please don’t hurt them; otherwise, you will find yourself in a legal problem. 

So, what should you do if you find the eggs of the robin in the ground or any other place? The most probable thing you can do is to leave the eggs where they are. Because, in most cases, the eggs were thrown away by the parents, and they will not hatch anyway.

What is the color of Robin’s eggs?

Robin’s egg color is unique from other bird species’ eggs. The robin egg’s color is cyan blue and very easy to recognize. There is a biliverdin, which means a pigment in the mother’s blood, and due to this, the color of the eggs is cyan blue.

Female robins normally lay three to four eggs at one time. But, sometimes, eggs can be five. The egg incubation times continue for at least 2 weeks. The length of a one-robin egg is about 2.8 to 3 cm, and the width is about 2.1 cm.

Both father and mother are dedicated to feeding their children, and after two weeks in the nest, the babies leave or fly away. 

What other birds can you eat legally?

As you know, we cannot hunt or eat protected birds. But, many birds in the world are available for you to hunt and eat. We shortlist the birds whose meat is tasty, so let’s go. 

Ringneck Pheasant: Ringneck Pheasant bird’s meat is delicious to eat. But, this meat, there is coarse in texture, and it is also chewier than other birds. Although, it is good to eat. 

Mourning Dove: Morning dove also has a great and strong taste. Their meat color is dark red. They have a similar flavor to ducks but are juicier than others.

Wild Turkey: Wild Turley meat is also very delicious. The favorite part is that we can eat almost every part of it. The breast and legs are one of my favorites because these parts are very soft and flavorful.  

Bobwhite Quail: Bobwhite Quali is different from others because of its excellent and exceptional taste. The meat flavor is similar to chicken, but the taste is much better. 


Robins are good-looking birds with a population of over 310 million. Robins mostly lives all around North America fields and parks. Although robins are widespread bird species, instead of it, the law protects them. 

The MBTA not only protects them from hunting or killing but also protects their eggs and nests. However, hunting or killing any bird species is against nature, and instead of hurting them, we should love them. 


Can we Eat Robins? or Are Robins Edible?

Yes, we can eat robins, and this species is edible. But, most of the country banned eating or hunting robins. 

Which Countries Eat Robins?

Although, most countries banned the eating and hunting of robins. But according to some resources, robins are eaten every year in Cyprus.

Are Robins eggs tasty to eat?

First of all, the MBTA law banned the eating of robins eggs. But, yes, the eggs are tasty. There is a unique texture of the eggs, which makes them special. 


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