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Coyotes look like wolves, but they are closely related to wolves. Coyotes usually live their lives all around the United States and Canada. Coyote name is derived from Aztec coyotl, primarily found in the Great Plains. Coyotes are famous for their quick reflexes and also move around at night.

They can live in different habitats, including urban and rural areas. Coyotes are very excellent hunters, and they prey on different animals. But, Can they hunt birds? Or Do coyotes eat birds?

The easy and simple answer is yes, they do eat birds. Arizona State University confirms that coyotes eat birds. Coyotes are omnivore animals, so their diet comes from both plants and animals. Coyotes seem attracted to large birds’ flesh instead of small birds like rodents. Coyotes always prefer meat and hunt land animals instead of birds. Because hunting birds is difficult for them. So, they only hunt and eat the birds when they get the opportunity.

Do Coyotes Eat Birds?

Coyotes are a species of canine, and they are smaller than wolfs. They are slightly smaller than red and eastern wolves. They are very flexible and opportunistic animals. They will eat any available things, such as insects, frogs, lizards, marmots, etc. Farmers call them destructive animals because they eat different fruits and pets.

Although their main diet comes from small animals like rabbits, mice, voles, etc. Sometimes, they also eat big animals, such as calves and lambs.

Coyotes eat and hunt the birds, but birds are not their primary diet. Interestingly, coyotes always look toward big birds such as turkeys, chickens, and geese.

Do coyotes eat hawks?

Yes, coyotes eat hawks, but they do not come in their primary diet. These wolf-related animals eat anything they find. Also, hawks and coyotes live in the same habitat.

Coyotes only catch and hunt the hawks when they are on the ground and near coyotes. Otherwise, they will not catch the hawks.

In conclusion, coyotes would only eat the injured hawks and the hawk’s children who cannot fly.

Can coyotes eat owls?

The same answer is here, yes, coyotes eat owls. But success only comes when they get a chance to hunt the owl. Coyotes and owls both come out at night. So, coyotes have a high chance of hunting down owls.

Besides eating and hunting injured and small owls, if the coyotes get an opportunity, they will hunt the large and healthy owls on the ground.

As we said early, coyotes’ main prey are small mammals, so they will first choose them instead of owls and other large animals.

Can coyotes eat eagles?

In the forest, coyotes and eagles are big competitors, and they often fight each other for animal carcasses.

Coyotes do not eat and hunt eagles. Eagles are giant and very dangerous birds, and coyotes are unable to hunt them.

Eagles have no natural predators. Eagle makes their nest very high above the ground, so their young remain safe.

Instead of it, eagles can attack and brutally injure the coyotes. If the eagle gets the opportunity, then it will attack the coyotes. But eagles do not attack adult coyotes; they only target young ones.

Can coyotes eat dead birds?

Mostly, coyotes hunt the animals themselves, and then they eat them. But they are very famous for their strange and scavenging behavior. They will eat every deadly animal they find, birds include in it.

However, they always prefer to eat fresh meat, but sometimes dead birds are also excellent meat for them. They mainly eat deadly meat in winter, when there is a food shortage.

Instead of hunting the animals and consuming the energy, If they get food with no struggle is easier for them to eat. That may be a fact; that’s why they eat dead meat.

Can coyotes eat bird eggs?

The same is here; yes, they eat bird eggs. These animals will eat anything they find that gives them some nutritional value. Coyotes are opportunistic animals, and they eat anything.

The bird’s eggs have protein and high nutrition in them. So, if the coyotes get the chance, they will eat eggs.

Coyotes cannot climb up the trees, but they have the ability to jump high. Usually, they attack the birds’ nests that are low to the ground to eat the eggs.

Can coyotes eat birdseed?

No, coyotes do not eat birdseed. Although they are omnivores, they like to eat more meat. Yet, their food intake change with the seasons. For example, they eat fruits and vegetables during the autumn season because fruits are more available in this season.

Bird seed is filled with different ingredients, such as fruits and sunflowers, which may attract coyotes.

Besides coyotes, rodents are lovers of bird seeds, and rodents are the enemies of coyotes. So, instead of coyotes, their enemies eat the bird seeds.

Instead of bird seeds, coyotes also eat scrap food such as dog food and garbage cans. So, if you want that coyote not to come around your home, then try to keep away the food off the ground. Also, keep the bird seeds from the ground to eliminate rodents.

Some other Birds Top Predators:


Cats are the top bird predators because 60% of cat diets come from birds. Both wild and domestic cats hunt and eat birds. In the United States, Bobcats are very popular bird predators.

Most cats enjoy chasing the birds and then hunting them. Although, cats target only small birds.


Bats are nocturnal specie, so they only come out and hunt their prey at night. Bat’s eyesight is very sharp, which helps them to target predators. They also hunt birds. Noctule bats are a kind of bats that specifically hunt songbirds.


Foxes are also a top predator of birds. Foxes are very intelligent animals, so they always find an opportunity to kill the birds. Foxes always go after the young birds and chickens because they do not fly properly.

The red foxes always attack the bird’s nests and kill their young. Arctic foxes are famous for hinting the sea birds.


Coyotes’ diet does not come from particular animals or birds. They eat everything they find or hunt.

They will hunt and eat birds and their eggs if they get any opportunity. They eat all kinds of birds but target only young birds or injured ones. So, do coyotes eat birds? We think that you have your answer.

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Can Coyotes Eat Birds?

Yes, coyotes do eat birds. Some reports also confirm that they eat birds but always choose young birds or injured ones.

How do Coyotes get birds?

Coyotes are very opportunistic animals. They always look for a chance and then target the birds. They are always looking for young birds and injured ones because they are easy targets for them.

What do Coyotes eat?

Coyotes are omnivores, so they eat both plants and animals. But they like to eat fresh meat. Their primary diet comes from birds, rodents, fruits, etc.

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