Do Herbivores Eat Meat? Why Do They Do This?

Answering this kind of answer is a challenging task. It is because it needs a ton of research which is a very time taking process, but our passion makes it easier to provide suitable answers to our audience. So, “do herbivores eat meat?”

Usually not, but some herbivores can eat a reasonable amount of meat to ensure survival. They do this kind of rare phenomenon when they face a severe food shortage. Herbivores cannot do this because nature did not award them the adaptations necessary to digest meat. 

So, if they cannot digest, why do some herbivores still eat meat? We will explore it together. Come on.

Do Herbivores Eat Meat?

Normal thinking when we speak or read the word herbivore, we imagine those animals who eat plant material, such as goats, deer, buffalo etc. That s right, but the world is changing very fastly. Everything is now amusing us. For example, the weather system is changing; global warming is increasing and many other phenomena. The life of humans and animals is also facing great changes, especially when it comes to wild animals.

Herbivores are awarded wide jaws, long stomaches and such enzymes which help them to digest plant material. They have wider molars which enable them to chew plant material properly. Further, their stomachs are specifically made to break down cellulose, a tough carbohydrate found in plant material. So, getting necessary nutrients from plant material is easy for them.

Wild herbivores face food shortages many times. So, they hassle more than domestic herbivores to ensure their survival. After all this, they cannot digest meat, and it can produce severe problems in their body, which can lead them to death as well, they eat meat. They do this in rare conditions when they face food shortages, such as during winter. At that time, they want to satisfy their hunger.

Do Herbivores Eat Meat While Starving?

Food shortages in the wild for herbivores may occur for many reasons. Some seasonal effects can lead to it, such as during winter, many plants die. Further, drought, deforestation, and competition are major causes of food shortages for wild herbivores. So, when starving, “will they try to eat meat”?

Yes, they can change their feeding behavior. It is because survival is the most prior factor among all living species. Indeed, it is not according to herbivores’ normal feeding behavior, but it will not surprise you if you are a wildlife lover. Wildlife is full of amazing things we must want to explore, and all these can freeze our minds.

On the other hand, herbivores do this when they are near death with starving, but they have no suitable adaptation which enables them to digest and eat. In this scenario, they normally want to satisfy themselves by eating meat.

Getting nutrients from meat is only one of their purposes. Their stomach can digest a little amount of meat, but eating meat regularly can cause severe situations that may cause the herbivore’s death.

What Results May Occur When A Herbivore Eats Meat?

After all the above discussion, we know well that meat is unsuitable for herbivores, but what will happen if herbivores eat meat due to hunger or any other reason?

First, ingestion is the possible result of this change in feeding behavior. Further, they may face gas, blasting or conditions like diarrhea. Further, they may face disease-related heart because the meat may contain high cholesterol. After all this, meat cannot be a sustainable diet for herbivores. If they stick with it for any reason, it may lead them to weakness which may cause their death.

Can Herbivores Digest Meat? What If They Can’t?

Carnivores have adaptations, which help them digest meat, but can herbivores digest meat?

Herbivores do not have such adaptations as small stomachs or specific enzymes which help carnivores to digest meat. So, thinking that herbivores can digest meat is foolish, but some can digest a little. For example, sheep is a herbivore that eats small invertebrates to get protein from them. So, a little amount of meat is accessible for some herbivores.

After all this, herbivores are not predators in the food chain. Predators are carnivores normally, but they can digest meat. Their stomach allows them to do that, but herbivores are prey in the food chain and eat just plant material according to the chain. Experts make this food chain after great research. So, changing try to change the chain will not work for them also.

Some Herbivores That Eat Meat

You may get a satisfactory answer, but I was said some animals could eat meat. If you want to know about those animals, don’t skip them and give me some more moments.

It is not normal for herbivores, but rather than this, some animals are in herbivore order and can eat meat.

1.  Deer

Deer is mainly a herbivore animal, but it can eat small animals like birds, mice, rodents, and frogs. It is not false information. Many wild experts observed them while doing it.

2. Lorikeets

Birds such as lorikeets are also herbivores but can eat meat. It needs to be proven information by scientists or wild experts. It is just said by an Australian bird watcher who seems near confident. So, I am adding it here.

3. Cow

The cow is primarily a domestic herbivore and eats plant material but can eat meat. The cow does this due to mad cow disease. A tale is very popular in India about the meat-eating cow. They said the cow eats 48 other cows—such a horrible tale.

4. Hippos

Every wild animal has aggression in their behavior, but when it comes to hippos, they are very aggressive animals. They also can eat meat when they find any opportunity.

5. Rabbits

These cute-looking animals mainly rely on plants but can also eat small insects. It seems false because grass or other plant material covers rabbits’ main nutrient requirement.

6. Gorrila

The main diet of gorillas is not meat. It primarily depends upon vegetarian food such as fruits, bamboo shoots and some roots. Some gorilla specie (western lowland gorillas) can eat small insects such as termites.



Finally, eating meat is not suitable for herbivores. It is because they have no such adaptations that help them digest meat. On the other hand, if they meat, it will not help them get essential nutrients. Despite it, this will lead them to indigestion, gas or other life-threatening severe conditions.


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