Do Lions Eat Crocodiles?

Both lions and crocodiles are mighty, well-built wild animals. Both are considered impressive hunters and have a great rub and press on wild animals and humans. Due to this impression of both, many people want to know who is more powerful among them. So they are searching, “Do lions eat crocodiles?”

In short, lions can eat crocodiles, but it does not mean that they (lions) eat crocodiles as their regular food. They can not do this because crocodiles can counterattack, in which they (crocodiles) may kill lions. Lions may kill crocodiles when facing a food shortage or defending their cubs.

This post will reveal all about the topic, such as how lions eat crocodiles or if they (lions) can eat young crocs. Keep moving with us.

Do Lions Eat Crocodiles?


Lions and crocodiles; are both wild animals. They are strong hunters and share their habitats with one another. We also imagine them as the wildest and most threatening animals.

As habitat partners, they respect and do not pay heed to one another. After all this, sometimes they collide with one another. Both are known as a mark of bravery, integrity, and nobility; they did not give up. They fight till their death if they come one to one.

They mostly appear face to face when a crocodile grabs a massive hunt by which a lion can feed their whole pride. Moreover, the lion pride may eat it for a long time. So, the lion tries to steal prey from crocodiles. They also get in touch when crocodiles attack cubs of lions or lion attack young crocs.

After both scenarios, there are many other conditions when they fight. In some regions of the world, lions are skillful hunters of crocodiles. There they (lions) grab crocodiles and eat them regularly.

Such as the case of Botswana (Southern Africa), the battles between lions and crocs are average. Their lions evolved themselves and ate crocs as daily food.

Another scenario in India where they (lions) often eat crocodiles compared to their particular diet. They do that when they are facing a massive shortage of food.

How Often Do Lions Eat Crocodiles?


Lions do not rely on specific meat. They eat different kinds of meat, which they get from different animals. Mostly, they like to hunt animals that have appropriate body weights. They do this because they need a lot of meat to feed their pride. Ungulates, rhinos, reptiles, antelope, baby elephants, and buffaloes are some favorite meat resources for them.

Even though they may eat crocodiles occasionally, they don’t like eating them regularly. The primary cause behind this attitude is that the crocodile is known as a vicious creature. They can give a tough time to lions. Even if the lion is in water, he (the lion) may be an easy grab for them.

Commonly, lion attacks those animals which are not enough powerful to reply or tackle them. Due to this, they remain undefeatable, and lions have very rare chances of getting hunted.

There is another thing occurring in mind. What if lions target crocs for their daily food intake? They will learn the best behaviors to grab them because they are best at this. They are known as the king and have the top spot in the food chain. So, every animal has a threat from them, but they rarely feel danger.

Does A Lion Have The Ability To Eat The Complete Crocodile?


The answer to this question has dual sides. They may eat the whole croc, or they may not. These phenomena take place according to the condition.

Sometimes, their battle occurs due to superiority. In this condition, the lion may leave the croc without eating to decompose and for other lucky fortunate.

In other conditions, when they come head to head for the carcass. The lion leaves the croc after gaining their purposes. In some cases, the lion steals the dead body and leaves the croc alive, but if the situation worsens, the lion will not hesitate to kill the croc. In this situation, they will eat croc or leave it for those fortunate who will come soon.

Do Lions Attack On Baby Crocodiles And Eat Them?


The early life of a newborn is challenging for any species, especially when we talk about wildlife. In begging, mothers take care of their babies. All babies must be aware of possible dangers in this stage of life.

The same condition is with crocodiles. According to experts, just 1 percent of crocs babies reach to mature level. Lion attacks also affect this ratio.

As they (lions) attack low-resistance animals, lions also choose croc babies compared to mature crocs. After all this, Croco babies are not the primary food resource for lions. So, the ratio of their attack on them is very low.

These are some other animals that are the primary hunters of baby crocodiles.

  1. TurtlesBirds
  2. Fish
  3. Crabs
  4. Raccoons
  5. Reptiles
  6. Wild pigs

How Do Lions Kill Crocodiles?


Both lions and crocodiles are very wild fighters. They preferred to die over give up. Due to this, their fight may take a great time. Both have their strengths. For example, lions feel their strength in their rugged teeth and muscular body.

Despite this, crocodiles are well known for their powerful bite. Compared to lions, the bite of a croc is three times stronger. Their leather skin is also an excellent tool for them.

During their battle, lions prefer to attack from the back side of the croc. It is because he (the lion) doesn’t want to get in touch with their jaw. A little bang of the jaw can cause a severe and deadly wound.

The lion’s primary strategy is to turn over the croc and attack its stomach. It is because it is the soft part of their leathery skin. Attacking there may lead to severe injury.



Wildlife is full of risks. Every specie of animal is fighting here for its survival. Such, both crocs and lions are fighting with one another as well as with other animals to survive.

But there we’re talking about the query, do lions eat crocodiles? This is not a usual phenomenon. Lions may attack them in some specific conditions. For example, when a food shortage occurs, lions attack them and kill them to eat.


Are battle locations affect the fight between crocodiles and lions?


Yes, battlegrounds significantly impact the fight’s result, as lions do not know how to swim. The lion waits for the croc, and when he comes out of the water, the lion attacks him and kills him.

What are some animals that can kill and eat crocodiles?


Crocodiles are great hunters, but many other animals can kill and eat them. Lion is one of these animals who can do this.

Is it possible for a crocodile to kill and eat a lion?


This is often seen when a crocodile kills and eats a lion. Despite this, the ratio of killing and eating Croco by lions is more.

Does a lion have a fear of crocodiles?


Yes, crocodiles are very impressive hunters. Sometimes, they attack lions when they are drinking water from a river. So, a lion prefers to stay away from the croc.


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