Most Cunning Animals (List of 10)

Animals are one of the top beautiful and interesting creatures in the world. Thousands of different animals, birds, and insects exist worldwide. Most of us know some of them. 

Most of us think that animals live their lives happily. But, it is not true. Every animal has a unique and specific talent that helps them to live, especially in the wild. This article will discuss the most cunning animals in the world that use their special God-gifted talent to survive.

In simple words, cunning means “cleverness.” When we think about clever animals, the first thing that comes to mind is the fox. Clever animals are very interesting, and everyone loves to know and read about them because these animals achieve their goal by doing tricks. 

Cunning animals are always my favourite animals because when I read about their talent, they always give me a surprise like a thriller movie. 

Here is The List of 10 Most Cunning Animals in the World:


Scientific Name of Fox: Vulpes vulpes 

Class: Mammals

Order: Carnivora

Cleverness is an art used to achieve a goal using only the mind instead of strength. Cunning animals also use their clever minds to achieve their goals. We all know that foxes are known for their clever minds. 

The most delightful meat for foxes is the eggs of other birds. They know how to get these by the saviour of the eggs.

The other interesting thing about them is that they are very patient animals. Because they wait for the birds to leave the nest, the main thing is that it takes 2 hours or sometimes days.  

When the bird leaves the nest, the fox easily and peacefully steals the eggs and eats them. Sometimes the egg is too big, and then the fox breaks it and eats the juicy inside. 

The other thing is how fox uses their clever minds to hunt the animals. Here the thing, the fox will use his patience again and find the animal who was already injured brutally.

Foxes also hunt the children of the other animals because they are easy targets. Foxes always try to avoid a straight fight with other animals. That’s why they wait, and when they get a chance, they will eat the animals. 


Scientific Name of Dolphin:  Delphinidae 

Class: Mammals

Order: Cetacea (Aquatic Mammals)

When we think about dolphins, we find joy in these magnificent creatures of God. Without dolphins, the ocean is incomplete, and they are the most intelligent animals underwater.

But you know that dolphins are also clever animals. They use their brilliant ability and talent to survive on the harsh seas. They hunt in a group which is the most powerful and clever strategy. Dolphins hunt by surrounding schools of small fish and hunt them easily.

Dolphins also use their speed, intelligence, communication, and travel in pods to protect themself from other predators. Sometimes they also scare sharks when they come in a group.

The other most interesting thing about them is that when dolphins are in captivity. The trainer teaches them to how to remove the trash from the water. When a dolphin gets a piece of trash to his trainer, he gives him a fish.

 Here is a very popular question, “are dolphins friendly to humans?” The answer to that famous answer is yes. Dolphins are considered friendly animals. But we also give them respect. Because they are wild animals, more interaction with people can worsen their behaviour.

Cuckoo Bees:

Scientific Name of Cuckoo bees: Apidae

Class: Insects

Order: Hymenopterans

Many types of bees exist in the world, some very dangerous. But, there is a common thing about them: they always bite humans. But, some of them are also intelligent. Cuckoo bees are also cunning and get what they want to get their desired thing. They can wait for a long time. 

For example, they can interact with the other bees of the other hive while waiting to get the smell of bees in that hive. This trick helped them to consider one of the other, so no one chased them from home.

After that, he wants to kill the queen of the hive. So, she makes the queen. Sometimes, the other bees of the hives started to oppose. But these bees are powerful and can fight any opponent.

The clever thing is that when the cuckoo bee kills the queen, she will eat the queen’s eggs and replace them with its eggs. When these eggs break, larvae will start to eat them until all the traces of the fallen queen eggs and larvae.

Cuckoo bees also make honey. They are male species that collect pollen and make honey. The main purpose of the male bee is to fertilize the hive’s queen.


Scientific Name of Octopus:  Octopoda

Class: Cephalopod

Order: Octopoda Leach, 1818

Octopus is the three hearts sea species. Generally, the lifetime of an octopus is 3 to 5 years. The octopus is considered the most clever animal in the world. They are eight arms, ocean creatures. Octopuses also show their wonderful gift in many experiments.

For example, they are the world’s most wonderful escape artists because they have no bones, so they can easily pass through small places.

Octopuses are amazing animals, with some interesting facts about them. Number one is that they can mimic the sounds of other animals. They also recognize the human face. They can also open their jars from both inside and outside. They have blue blood. They are very intelligent and know to observe the tools. 

Ah, a very gifted ocean creature. One more thing is that the female octopus lays 200,000 to 400,000 eggs. They have only two eyes, and they survive only 20 to 30 minutes without water.


Scientific Name of Crocodile:  Crocodylidae

Class: Reptiles

Order: Crocodylia, or Crocodilia

We consider crocodiles are very dangerous animals for humans. They are wild animals. They can be deadly for humans because they are 100 times more dangerous than sharks.

Crocodiles are also on our list of clever animals. They approach brilliant strategy when they hunt birds or other animals. Sometimes, they hide in the grass and wait for the birds. 

They are very skilled at hiding themself in the grass. When birds come for the grass or leaves, crocodiles hunt them easily.

The other strategy is to hide in the water. They often hide in the water and wait for the other animals. When animals come near the water, they attack them and hunt them.

Crocodiles are also very powerful animals because their jaws can apply a pressure of 5000 pounds. Some research says crocodiles have existed since the era of dinosaurs. At last, everyone knows they are carnivores, so they eat only meat.

Although lions, tigers, and jaguars are the predators of the crocodile. These tricks of crocodiles will not work in front of these powerful animals.

White-Winged Vampires Bats:

Scientific Name of White-Winged Vampires Bats:  Diaemus youngi

Class: Mammals

Order: Chiroptera

Vampire bats remind us sometimes the horror story of vampires where they drink human blood. But, don’t be afraid of these stories because it’s only fiction. But here, white-winged vampire bats drink blood but only birds. They are very cunning when they hunt the birds.

They have a degree in the mimic of hen chicks. Now their intelligent mind comes. They slowly sneak up on a hen, pretend to be chicks, and go under the broad patch of the mother hen. After that, a bat makes a little cut and starts to drink the blood of the hen. Wow, a very intelligent and cunning bird. 

White-winged vampire bats mostly live in Mexico. They are one of three species of bats that drink blood. It means that every type of bat does not drink blood. Usually, they drink blood continuously for 15 to 20 minutes at a time.


Scientific Name of Crow: Corvus

Class: Aves

Order: Passeriformes

I think the crow is one of those birds we all see daily. But the main fact is that we never took an interest in that bird. But here is the fact, he is one of the most cunning birds in the world.

They have the remarkable talent of cunning, which helps them survive in difficult conditions. Usually, they fly in a group and are excellent at communicating with each other. 

They have a main strategy which is to get food in a group. When they attack a group, their opposite side does not know how to defend themself.

The same strategy they apply to humans. Attack in a group and get what they want. After that, they find a safe place where they eat food. The fact, they usually attack humans.

Do you know that crow has a population of 31 million worldwide? The minimum lifespan of a crow is eight years, and the maximum is 22 years. Crows consider the most intelligent birds in the world. They can also remember the human face. 

Some research also said that sometimes a crow could make mischief with a particular human. For example, they attack a human, peck him, and injure him badly. Crows do unexpected, weird things.

Brown Trouts:

Scientific Name of Brown Trouts: Salmo Trutta

Class: Fish (Actinopterygii)

Order: Salmoniformes

Fish is also an interesting topic to read and understand. Hundred of different fish species lives under the water. Fish are also the most beautiful creatures by God. 

Brown trout are also one type of fish that lives in Europe countries. The main interesting fact about that fish is not commonly physical with any mate. They fertilize the eggs only once when they lay eggs. But, the timing of the lay of eggs should be correct; otherwise, there will be no good consequences.

Now the cunning of that fish. When the time for the lay of eggs, fish want to leave the male, who is available for fertilization. Then, she has a fake orgasm. After that, to get rid of the male, she pretends to lay eggs without fertilizing.

Female brown trouts repeat that repeatedly until he meets a male she wants. I think these female fish have a big ego. 

We normally find these fish in cold water instead of warm. It’s a very common fish to humans. The lifespan of this fish is 12 years, but it can be up to 20 years. According to the research, the average weight of this fish is 1 to 20kg.


Scientific Name of Raven: Corvus corax

Class: Aves 

Order: Passeriformes 

Ravens are the next one on our list of cunning animals. Some people think raven and crow are similar, but it is not true. But, the raven has very different from the crow. They have a large size than a crow. They also have a tail shape, and their action differs from the crow when fighting.

Some research said that ravens are much more clever than crows. Researchers compare the cunning skill of this bird with dolphins and chimpanzees.

They are very intelligent birds. They do some awesome things, like always making plans for their futures, using tools, and remembering things. To save their meal from other ravens, they can fight with each other until death.

They are also dead eaters. They do an incredible thing when they find the dead animal and cannot have enough strength to break it. They ‌mimic the sound of the wolf. Then, wolfs come and start eating the animal. Then, ravens eat the remaining food joyfully—much more clever birds than crows.

Some other facts make them more powerful than crows. The length of a raven is 1.8 to 2.6 ft. They can live anywhere. They are good hunters than crows. The group of ravens is called “unkindness.” The life span of a raven is between 10 to 15 years. Their wings length of them is 3.3 to 4.9 ft.  

Topi Antelopes:

Scientific Name of Topi Antelopes: Damaliscus Lunatus Jimela

Class: Mammals 

Order: Artiodactyla

 Antelopes play a very major role in the jungle. Different types of antelopes exist in the world. We all know they are the major target of many animals like lions, cheetahs, etc. But facts tell that antelope meat is more delicious than any other animal.

But now, we will give you vital information about a type of antelope: topi antelopes. They also exist in our list of clever animals. They are very naughty animals because some animals fight to mate with females. But here, the male antelopes start crying for the female mate. 

But, to keep themself close to females, they started to make an alarming sound that warned female antelopes from wandering. They apply this trick when female antelope wants to search for another one. Then they make that voice to scare the females. So, females do not leave them due to fear.


I write this article to give vital information. Many testing things exist in our beautiful world. Nature has many colours, and the creation of animals is one of them.

When someone tells us about clever animals, the first question we will ask is to tell the name and tell me how they can be clever. There are many things about animals that people do not know, but I will try my best to tell you guys the interesting thing about animals.

That is our list of the most clever animals in the world. Some of them use this to find food, and some others use this for survival. But, now remember the fact that animals are also clever.


What animals are cunning?

Many clever animals exist worldwide, like foxes, crows, dolphins, etc. Cunning means clever or intelligent animals. All of you know foxes are clever animals.

Are Tigers cunning animals?

Hmm, a very good question. But according to research, we can consider leopards cunning, not tigers. Because leopards always search for an easy target, like children or dogs. But tigers hunt only with their strength. So, tigers are not cunning. 

Are foxes both sly and cunning?

Yes, the red foxes are both sly and cunning. Red foxes are the most clever animals in the jungle. 

Which animal is at the top for its cunningness?

We all know the answer. Red foxes are at the top in cunningness. Everyone in the world also admits this truth.

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