Seagulls as Pets – Is A Seagull Right Pet For You? 

Seagulls are unique and fascinating creatures. Their special sound patterns, amazing flight and attractive look, make everyone pleased. Even the majority think of making these coastal birds their pet birds. If you are among those who want seagulls as a pet in their home, you are at the right place. We will try to cover the answer to the question, “do seagulls be pets.”

Seagulls are not pet birds, mainly. Despite this, they are wild birds. It is not easy to make a wild animal a pet. They will consider you a danger and can attack you to make themselves safe. They live independently, and accepting an environment with restrictions will also make them very uncomfortable.

Rather all the above-owing seagulls are banned in some countries like the US or Canada. So, if you want to carry these birds as a pet, you need a license from the authority license provider. Moreover, their wild behavior is also experienced by many people. For example, sometimes they try to steal food from many people. 

So, we will go deep into the topic to provide our users with all the necessary information. So, carry on and don’t panic.

Reasons Why Seagulls May Be Good Pets


Seagulls are mainly found in those areas where water resources are near. It is because their main food source is aquatic animals such as fish or other marine animals. Climate changes, water pollution and also many other factors affect aquatic life. It also leads to many animal’s un-conditional death, which causes the food shortage. Seagulls are also facing the same issue. So, seagulls are helpless and decide to come to the residential area of humans. It is because there are enough food opportunities for them.

Now, the interaction of humans and seagulls are not a surprising phenomenon. This also urges us to make try to make seagulls as pets. Even though we know that they are not pet birds, having them may cause many problems.

1. They Are Adjustable

Like most birds, seagulls are also adjustable creatures. They can accept any reasonable condition and fit according to it for survival. Their main motive is their survival, and it does not matter to them where they live or what they eat.

They need a suitable temperature and a place to make their nest with food in excess. By providing these things, you can get a chance to make these birds your pet.

You don’t need to get enough stress about their food requirements. As omnivore animals, they can eat almost every food you provide them. Rather than all, you can also offer them their favorite food (aquatic small animals or fish). This may also help you to make them your pet in the right meaning.

Being a seagull lover, you must know their legs are weak. Their legs are made for swimming in the water, not walking on land. So, providing them with a little swimming pool in your backyard is also a good idea to make them closer.

2. They Are Intelligent Creatures

Seagulls are not normal birds when it comes to intelligence level. They have a unique intelligence level which is shown in their different behaviors. For example, when seagulls fly in a usual mood, they suddenly shine with their wings. In reality, they tell other seagulls that their fish is available for them also. Moreover, their power to learn is also great. They can learn things quickly and reach peak levels in no time.

Due to their high intelligence level, they can also remember you for a long time. This is another solid reason to try to make them your pet. It also helps you when you will try to make them your best pet. They will learn fast and reply to your needs if they become familiar with you.

They are also fast learners and can understand new languages and behaviors, which is also helpful for all of us. We can teach them our possible methods of communicating. It is also another positive point that will make them familiar to us.

3. They Are Social Animals

By reading that, you might be shocked. It is because, if you are a seagull lover, you may know about their behavior toward one another. Sometimes, they quarrel with one another, scream, shout and even break the eggs. They do all this, but it does not mean they are not social. This behavior is just like humans. While living with one another, they make this kind of nuance, but deep, they know they are necessary to one another. 

Sometimes, the youth of seagulls make some long flights with their friends. Some of them will lose their way, but still, most return to their family. These instances indicate their bond to their family and also show that they are social animals.

Reasons Why Seagulls Can Not Be Good Pets

Many Surveys describe that seagulls are pretty birds for most people, and they feel sorry they cannot take seagulls as pets. Positive sides there are many negative sides to these birds. Many people try making them their pet birds but have yet to succeed. They failed and described many reasons, which we will share below. You must know these reasons if you want to make them your pet.

1. Seagulls Are Protected In Many Countries

Many countries, such as the US, Canada, the UK, and many others, are protecting seagulls. These acts do not allow anyone to make seagulls their pet. Even selling, buying or capturing these birds is illegal, and you may face legal action.

On the other hand, many countries allow taking seagulls at home while having some special license. You must need to research if your country is providing it or not. 

2. Seagulls Are Messy

Seagulls are not calm birds specie. They make noises and disturb the whole environment when they become aggressive. This is the main bad behavior they have. It is also the main reason why many seagulls owner gives up. Whenever they are hungry, they scream, scatter things and will ruin everything at your home. They also can tear your other pets with their strong beak. So, I suggest you not make them your pet if you have other beloved pets. Further, they are not birds that can live in a little place; they need a wide area to make themselves comfortable.

3. Seagulls Have No Friendly Behaviour

We talked above about their behavior, but here, we explore it a little more. Their behavior is not friendly. They tease everyone and snatch their food. Due to this, many other birds avoid them, and they are also known as “stealers. Almost all birds are no friendlier. If you do not make them your family, they can bite you, and while having a knife-like beak, you cannot imagine what they can do.

4. It’s Challenging To Keep Them For a Long Time

Keeping seagulls for a long time takes great effort. Providing them with an easy food source will make them uncomfortable and weird. Due to this reason, they try to escape and find any other place that feels suitable. This is also another reason why many people skip making them their pets.

Final Words

Many countries protect Seagulls. These countries include Canada, the US, Japan, Mexico and Russia. Food shortage allows them o make interact with humans. In human communities, they can find a reasonable amount of food. Home garbage bins and landfills are their main targets.

Further, they can cause many diseases for humans and other animals. This also makes them not suitable as pet birds. Their uric acid also damages the building material. They are also very dangerous for air traffic. Many cases arise when seagulls collide with airplanes, and their strong beaks also can damage the windows of planes. So, if you live near any airport, please avoid making seagulls your pet. It also urges institutes to take legal action against you.


Is seagull the right seagull pet for me?

According to seagulls’ nature, they are not suitable as pet birds for anyone. To make them a pet bird, you may face numerous challenges that make you uncomfortable. 

Are seagulls intelligent creatures?

Yes, they have a significant intelligence level. Even they can remember faces and learn new behaviors immediately.

Is it legal to keep a seagull as a pet?

Making seagulls your pet in the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and other countries is illegal. Even you have no authority to sell or buy them.

Why do seagulls have aggressive behavior?

There are many reasons behind their aggressive behavior. They are wild animals and become so aggressive regarding their survival. During hungry moods or quarreling with one another, they become so aggressive and frequently make noises.


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